Mobil oil service

We offer a full line of mobil lubricant products including mobil 1, mobil annual protection and mobil blends if it is Exxon/mobil we carry it! We are equipped to perform oil changes on any vehicle no matter the make or model!

Factory scheduled maintenance

We are your Dealer alternative! We can perform all of your factory scheduled maintenance to help maintain your warranty but without the long wait at the dealer or the inflated prices. "We worry about your vehicle, so you don't have to" Timing belts, Spark plugs, Filters no matter what your vehicle needs Texas Automotive Experts has you covered.

Repairs on all makes and models

Texas Automotive Experts has a highly trained and very well educated staff that is well prepared to take on any type of repair on any type of vehicle. If you drive a New Exotic classic muscle car or anything in between we can service it and will take care of it like it was one of our own using only the highest quality parts and equipment to ensure your car stays safe and reliable for many years to come! We understand that your vehicle is your second largest investment you will make and we will always prioritize repairs in order of importance Safety, Concerns and then maintenance never putting money in front of your safety.

"Our reputation is in the parts we use" -Mark B.

"Our customers come to us because of our customer service, they keep coming to us because of our reliability" We use only the best parts for the specific application, sometimes that is OEM, Sometimes it is aftermarket but ultimately we give you the choice. Texas Automotive Experts uses its many years of experience to make the proper recommendations to you for the correct parts to use and we always do so with you in mind. "We worry about your vehicle, so you don't have to"

3YR/36,000 Mile nationwide warranty

Our warranty is the best in the business and we are very proud of that! Because Texas Automotive Experts uses the best quality parts and has the best quality technicians we can offer the best warranty 3 full years or 36,000 miles nationwide! This covers parts, labor and even towing! no out of pocket cost to you for a repair that you have already had done, You can not beat that!

Call us!

Do not hesitate to call Texas Automotive Experts (281) 466-2329 with any questions, We will do anything we can to help!