When your vehicles A/C is not operating properly there are a couple of options!

Complimentary A/C performance check

  • Visual inspection of the system
  • ASE Master Technician will Check vent temperature for both A/C and Heat
  • Proper blower operation as well as vent air volume

If there is a concern with the system we can move forward with our A/C diagnostics which is a more thorough inspection that allows the ASE Master Technician the proper time to use his specialty tools to pin point what the concern is and make the proper recommendations for repairs.

A/C Diagnostics 

  • Evacuation and recharge of the A/C refrigerant to measure volume as well as add a dye to the system to pin point leaks
  • Verifies pressure of both the high and low side of the A/C system
  • Checks the entire system including the (compressor, evaporator core, condenser, lines, fan clutch, and expansion valve)